MIPS Dataline

MIPS is an abbreviation for “Magnetic Ifluids power solutions.” The name says it all. We love liquids of a special kind: liquids with high energy content. MIPS Dataline Technologies (MDT) offers high energy fluids, for example magnetic nano-fluids, mainly designed for two functionalizations - in ink - to meet specific printing requirements with inkjet printers and, on the other hand, as a sliding and flexible regulator - for high-performance use in electric motors and shock absorbers. MDT magnetic inks are characterized by: Brilliant black, fast drying, resistance to clumping, light fastness, outstanding quality at reasonable prices, optimized adaptation to different substrates. The magnetic fluids for shock absorbers are eco oil based.

Magnetic Fluids

Mips Dataline offers magnetic fluids mainly designed for two functionalities,

in turn - as inks - to meet specific inkjet printing requirements and, on the other hand, for high-performance use in electric motors.
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In the production of magnetic special inks, we have many years of experience. Within the framework of an extensive series of experiments,

we have succeeded in discovering an unusually simple method for industrial scale production.
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Intelligent Reader

To hide Barcodes is a matter of security. Furthermore, the direct application of invisible markers to product parts (Direct Part Marking - DPM) is becoming increasingly important.

For the printing of invisible characters inks are necessary, which fluorescent blue or red under UV light.
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