To hide Barcodes is a matter of security. Furthermore, the direct application of invisible markers to product parts (Direct Part Marking - DPM) is becoming increasingly important.For the printing of invisible characters inks are necessary, which fluorescent blue or red under UV light. For decoding, if the markers are barcodes, corresponding UV scanners are needed, some of which work with cables, some without. We offer UV scanners from the US company InData Systems, which are based on the Honeywell Xenon technology.

The wireless version is the Xenon 1902 DPM 19 with 30 mm lens optics and optional red filter for reading even the smallest as well as totally invisible, under UV light red or blue fluorescent bar codes.

This mobile computer, which still sees where human eyes can not see anything, namely in the UV range, is impressive by his innovative wireless technology. The Bluetooth connectivity also provides an effective wireless connection to peripherals. Signs that remain invisible to the human eye provide many ways to ensure safety in a variety of applications. The device combines advanced data acquisition with advanced scanning capabilities for linear and 2D barcodes, digital imaging, and intelligent signatures recognition. In particular, it was developed for the optimal reading and decoding of QR and Datamatrix barcodes, which are widely used in the domestic and foreign trade as well as in the industry. You get all the functions and advantages of a portable terminal and the possibility to decode invisible barcodes and the recognition of invisible pictures and signatures.

Please call us if you want an analysis of your red or blue fluorescent barcode prints. We will be glad to advise you which device configuration suits your application best.


UV Fluorescent Inks



Beside the described Scanners for UV fluorescent barcodes Mips Dataline Technologies offers different colored at 365 nm UV fluorescent pigment inks, which can fulfill security functions in inkjet desktop or industrial printing (Piezo, Thermal, Office printing platforms). For further informations, please contact us per phone or email.