In the production of magnetic special inks we have many experience. MDT has the qualifications and the know-how to produce also large quantities of MICR ink or special nano ferrofluids with consistently high quality.

Within the framework of an extensive series of experiments, we have succeeded in discovering an unusually simple method for industrial scale production. In principle it follows the wet chemical "bottom-up" approach, which has been widely tested in nanotechnology and is designed to a relatively low temperature range of the reactions. In our modification of this method - it can also be described as completely natural because only natural elements - finely dosed - are used to induce self-organizing processes of particle nucleation and particle growth, which let arise from metallic educts (atoms and molecules ) crystallized and, therefore, ferromagnetic nanoparticles with a very narrow size distribution which approximates the homogeneity. Such a method saves a considerable amount of costs by relieving the use of complex apparatuses. We were able to increase the safety during handling by turning the nanochemical approach into a "flexible modular manufacturing process" according to the technical characteristics of nanoscale syntheses. Economically and ecologically significant consequence: every required product quantity can be produced "on demand" in manageable time periods and at competitive prices. This should relieve cost-saving the storage of our customers. With the method outlined, we are able to obtain MICR inks that fit perfectly into the high-performance digital MICR check print, which is still of great importance in many countries, especially in the USA, Great Britain, Australia and India and can be integrated into the respective printer manufacturer's machines. (Approximately 90% of the use of magnetic ink is aimed at the production of bank checks, payment / transfer documents, vouchers and insurance policies. Here MICR [=Magnetic Ink Character Recognition] fulfills its central function.)


Magnetic fluids made of magnetic material (subdomain nanoparticles) dispersed in a solution so that

an agglomeration of the material particles is excluded even under the effect of an external magnetic field.
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MICR INK – UV curable

Many inkjet printers now have so-called UV print heads. These are designed to dry or cure the respective inks

on the printing substrate using UV radiation of determined wave lenght, which is integrated into the printing process.
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Magnetic Fluids

Mips Dataline offers magnetic fluids mainly designed for two functionalities,

in turn - as inks - to meet specific inkjet printing requirements and, on the other hand, for high-performance use in electric motors.
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