Many inkjet printers now have so-called UV print heads. These are designed to dry or cure the respective inks on the printing substrate using UV radiation of determined wave lenght, which is integrated into the printing process. They therefore need inks which are adapted to such a process. Such inks have to be of low viscosity, excellent wetting as well as good substrate adhesion and well fitting surface tension. The MDT team has succeeded in developing a variant of MICR ink which exactly meets such requirements.

Our UV drying magnetic inks and nano ferro fluids are partly based on acrylates, partly based on an aqueous carrier medium, partly they are also alcohol or oil based.

One of our UV-curable and so very fast drying magnetic ink ("mips iFluid MICR UVC") is anhydrous, but also free of problematic ingredients. In their preparation, we dispense with such common solvents and diluents as MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) as well as with ethylene glycol, methanol, isopropanol or triethylene glycol divinyl ether. This assures our UV curing MICR ink environmental friendliness and best values for the health protection for those who use it. The MDT method uses hereby as film forming material a mono-functional monomer that, in combination with a coating of the nanoparticles by a hydrocarbon (polyester) fatty acid, itself can act as a solvent that adequately liquefies and stably disperses the nanoparticles.

Our UV-curable ink formulation utilizes a photoinitiator that has excellent drying performance because of his high reactivity, when subjected to a sufficient amount of UV radiation. In order to insert in this context colloid chemically, the magnetic nanoparticles had to be coated with a monomer which can be caused to undergo free-radical polymerization as a result of the initiation by one or two photoinitiators.


Magnetic fluids made of magnetic material (subdomain nanoparticles) dispersed in a solution so that

an agglomeration of the material particles is excluded even under the effect of an external magnetic field.
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Manufacturing Process

In the production of magnetic special inks, we have many years of experience.

Within the framework of an extensive series of experiments, we have succeeded in discovering an unusually simple method for industrial scale production.
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Magnetic Fluids

Mips Dataline offers magnetic fluids mainly designed for two functionalities,

in turn - as inks - to meet specific inkjet printing requirements and, on the other hand, for high-performance use in electric motors.
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